Who is APRAV and how can we assist you?

APRAV, is the Association for the Protection of Road Accident Victims and is a non-profit and human rights organisation. Our aim is to protect the rights of all South African people who have been negatively affected by a motor vehicle accident.

APRAV does not get involved in the processing of claims with the RAF. We ensure that:

  • Road accident victims understand their legal rights.
  • Road accident victims get the support they need, to finalise a claim against the RAF.
  • RAF fulfils its legal mandate in the RAF Act, which compels the RAF to make a sensible and fair compensation offer to claimants within 120 days.
  • That all stakeholders abide by ethical and professional behaviour in dealing with road accident victims.
  • The Government respects the Constitutional rights of all road accident victims, of ensuring ‘Bodily Integrity’ and creating a ‘Safe Living [driving] environment’.

APRAV interacts with the following stakeholders:

  • Road accident victims and their families
  • Taxpayers/public in general
  • The Road Accident Fund (RAF)
  • Relevant professional bodies
  • Other interested organisations, i.e. human rights organisations
  • The legal and medico-legal fraternities (attorneys, medical experts, actuaries, administrators, etc.)
  • The Government of the Republic of South Africa, political parties and associated bodies
  • The media

You can contact us by:

  • Sending a ‘call me back’ to 063 393 3719


  • Sending a WhatsApp to 063 393 3719


One of our team members will contact you within a few days.