is APRAV?

    The Association for the Protection of Road Accident Victims (APRAV) is a non-profit organisation that aims to protect the rights of South African citizens affected by accidents on our roads.

  • WHAT

    is RABS?

    The Road Accident Benefit Scheme will replace the current Road Accident Fund, which in principle will introduce a move away from the insurance based system of compensation to that of a structured benefit scheme.

  • HOW

    Will RABS affect me?

    South African road users would predominantly be affected and impacted by the RABS Bill as claimants will be forced to manage their own claims without the option of legal assistance.

  • WHAT

    is the solution?

    APRAV will strive to make the new scheme affordable, practically executable and make sure that the public’s legal rights are protected. It will ensure that the scheme will result in proper medical treatment and rehabilitation, and support the public in whatever way necessary.

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